What I learned by visiting Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a country that has a lot to offer its visitors and I went there sure of getting nothing but the best. Here is more information about travel to Sri Lanka: https://visit-sri-lanka.net/. Other than the memories and pictures, I gathered some information during the trip as well. Here is what I learned by visiting Sri Lanka.

Beach boys can trick you, so avoid them

There are very many people just relaxing at the beaches on Sri Lankan coast. They include idle beach boys who are after your money. So, be very careful. You may think that they know the place well and hence are the best guides but you may be in for a surprise. I was very happy to meet two of them and chatted with them for about an hour. They later asked to show me the ‘hidden’ parts of the beach and that is when I realized I could land in trouble with them. Avoid them as much as you can. Only trust the service trip of a registered guide to take you through parts that you need to learn more.

In Sri Lanka drivers earn a commission for taking a tourist to a business

Whether it is a hotel, a souvenir shop or a tea factory, drivers who take you there are paid a commission. I learned this from a local driver who drove me for most of the trip. He said that this has been a culture in Sri Lanka for over 40 years now. Drivers are underpaid and this is viewed as a way to enhance their income. Do not be stingy, just go in with them. They can even help you get discounts and they know the quality products and if you are friendly enough they will help you not get duped.

Smiling is part of the culture in Sri Lanka

The people of Sri Lanka are beautiful, friendly and they love to smile. They all have lovely smiles and like to show them. They probably even smile in their sleep!

Carrying an Umbrella with you is a good idea

I knew the country is hot but not as hot as I found it. You can actually burn up while lying under a shade. The bed sheets and blankets in your hotel room will be useless in the night. I found out that sleeping in light clothes with nothing to cover is the best way to have a good night. As for the daytime, carrying a UV umbrella is a good idea. You will need this especially in the South where it gets really hot.

Sri Lanka is no place for vegans

Any food served that is said not to contain sea food actually does contain a little. It is just not in the amounts that other foods do. So, if you are a vegan be very careful where you choose to eat.