The best street food I ate in Canada

While walking around the warming streets of Montreal this spring I got a hankering for something good to eat. So what do you do when your tummy sounds like thunder rolling in the distance? You get something to silence the bear in that deep dark cave. So like any good tourist, I started looking for something familiar to eat.

I turned a corner and a beautiful aroma knocked me senseless. I sniffed the air devouring large gulps of the succulent scent. Picture a grown man turning into a cartoon wolf and gliding through the air following the drool-dripping, delectable, steamy waves.

I hunted around for the source of my temptation for a what seemed like ages. Eventually, I flopped down on the sidewalk out of sheer despondency. Suddenly two well-polished shoes appeared in front of my miserable gaze and i was so shocked.

“Sorry sir, you can’t loiter here.” A sweet yet stern voice shocked me upright. I don’t know why – maybe my pathetic world-weary and tearful eyes – but the young policewoman asked, “What’s the matter?”

I recounted my story in all its desperation and concluded it in all its bleakness, sparing no detail. To my surprise, she began to giggle. I frowned at her candor. Instead of her being a helpful sympathetic soul she was having fun at my expense.

“I’m sorry,” She said as she regained her composure, “I can only think of one meal that would drive a person to tears like this.”

I am sure I gave the young policewoman a quizzical look akin to a puppy when it hears an unfamiliar sound because she had to struggle against another fit of laughter. “Come with me,” she said. It wasn’t long before the aroma became intense. We turned a corner and there it was, a gray, rectangular box-shaped truck with a feather on its side and Duck Truck MTL in big square letters on the front.

“I recommend everything.” The young policewoman said as she disappeared around the corner. I started with the Chili con canard which was instantly my favorite until I tried the Le Vilain, then that became a good contender to the title. I spent a few afternoons at the Duck Truck sampling the menu. At the risk of offending all the international street food vendors that I tried on my trip, The Duck Truck made the best street food I ate in Canada.