How to apply for visa eTA to Australia?

Single A visa refers to a formal endorsement which is endowed by a particular government on a person’s passport, and this denotes that the individual’s passport has been thoroughly checked and found valid by the country he or she wishes to visit. This also allows the bearer to travel to his or her destination legally. An entry visa indicates that the bearer has gotten official permission to enter a country as a visitor, but this does not, however, guarantee outright admission. The other major purpose of a visa is to allow a government to limit, as well as control, the entry of aliens into a country.

There are two types of visas commonly issued, and these are the passport entry visa and the immigrant entry visa. The passport entry visa allows for the person to visit the country on a specified duration, while the immigrant visa is given to those who want to settle permanently in that country. So how should one get an Australia Visa?

Based on information posted on the Australian Government’s official website, most visa applications are approved or denied in 30 seconds, but there will be times when the standard application process takes a bit longer to undertake. For starters, the most common Australian visa issued is the Electronic .

Travel Authority or ETA. This is valid for 12 months from the time and date of issue, and it allows for multiple visits to Australia with up to three months for each visit. Applications for these are usually quick, and the applicant will know the result in a short span of time. In getting an ETA, however, you first need to check if you’re qualified for this.

Foremost, only passport-holding individuals from selected nations like the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada are allowed to apply for an ETA. You could check out the complete list of eligible countries from the Australian Government website.

If ever you belong to any of the countries approved for this visa, you may apply online. Once you’re on the official government website, click on the “Apply for ETA” button, and thoroughly read as well as accept the information stated. An ETA application has an 39 EUR application fee levied, but you could use your credit card to pay for this too.

Next, provide all personal information required. Once you complete all necessary forms and provide the pertinent information, start waiting for approval. According to Australian visa experts, most applications made online are approved or denied in 30 seconds. However, if you encounter any delays, you may re-check your status every 12 hours, to verify your ETA application status.

In general, the information on how to apply for visa eTA to Australia is as follows:

  • First thing you need to do is complete an online application.
  • Enter all the details such as passport information, travel information of each traveler.
  • Make payment against your application and get it processed instantly and link it to the passport number.
  • Confirmation will be sent to the email, and the status will be cleared after some time in few minutes.