How long will it take to get an ESTA visa to United States of America?

ESTA allows a citizen from Visa Waiver County to travel to the US by air or sea and stay for 90 days or less. The application is entirely online and does require you to visit the US embassy or consulate. The approval time may take as little five seconds.

Although, ESTA visa to United States of America has been easy to complete beginning 12 January 2009, pay careful attention while filling the online form. And remember: answering the questions wrongly can cause you travel delays. The vast majority of ESTA visa application gets completed in seconds.

Convenient time to apply for ESTA

Apply for ESTA visa to United States of America as soon as you set your travel date. Also, make an application before paying for the trip just in case you miss the ESTA authorization. Sometimes all you need to do is to apply for the ESTA even without specific plans to travel to the US.

After submitting your application form it is queried against the US law enforcement database system and only takes a maximum of 72 hours to receive the response. Needless to say, do not leave this important aspect of your travel arrangements to the US until the last few hours.

Admittedly, if the nature of your job requires last-minute travel arrangements to the USA obtain an ESTA visa – valid for 2 years in anticipating that you travel in the future.

Even though, the form requests for details of Hotel in the USA, flight, and Airline, the application will proceed because the information is optional.

Like everything else, a situation may need more than 72 hours to resolve. Think about it this way:

  • You may not be approved the first time.
  • ESTA might not have been completed correctly. You will receive a refusal form noting that you filled the form wrongly. There is an opportunity to reapply but on condition that you accept the minimum delay of 10 days based on the refusal date and the new application date.
  • Your ESTA is declined since you do meet the requirements. Alternatively, to continue with your visit to the US you have to use the traditional visa which may take even months to get.
  • Lastly, in order to avoid obstacles that may impede your travel to the US, it is highly recommended you make your ESTA visa to United States of America application months before the actual departure date. You can go on calmly making your travel arrangements and enjoy the benefits of the journey. ESTA is not all about restricting tourism or commerce but accommodates even the last minute travelers alike.