How long can You stay on a tourist visa in Cambodia?

The easy visa getting conditions of Cambodia makes the country pretty much appealing. Whether you are going to make a tour of the Kingdom of Cambodia or you are going as an immigrant, it is for sure that you’ll find the whole process very easy.

There are many visa types that are being offered by the Cambodia to the international stakeholders but we will look deep into the tourist visa only.

How long can you stay on a tourist visa in Cambodia?

You can stay up to one month on a tourist visa in Cambodia. You can get one-month tourist visa of Cambodia on arrival. The formalities are very simple and only the requirement is that the tourist should have enough money and must be a legitimate person.

However, the visit visa can be obtained in advance as well. The tourist visa fee is about 89 EUR and it is valid for one month from the date of entry.

Can I renew the tourist visa of Cambodia?

Yes, if you have planned to spend more than 30 days in Cambodia, then you can renew your tourist visa for one more month and the charges are for the renewal are $45. Still, if you are still enjoying the paraphernalia of the country and you need to stay more than 60 days, then you must leave the country for once and come back again. In this way, you’ll get 60 more days to live there.

Tourist Visa on arrival

Cambodia gives the facility of visa on arrival for the nationals of many countries. However, you must take an advance visa if you want to avoid any discrepancies. There are two airports in Cambodia; one is Phnom Penh and the other is Siem Reap.

Both the airports provide the facility of visa on arrival to the tourists. However, land crossings also have the facility of visa on arrivals for the tourists. If you are coming through the border of Thailand, then you will get the facility of visa on arrival and the same facility is also available towards the border of Vietnam.

Which mode of Entry in Cambodia is best for the Tourist?

The best way for the tourists is to come through the air. The setup at the airports is more organized and you’ll get a lot of services there such as currency exchange and visa advice.
On the other hand, the land crossings may cause you panic because the immigration officers may charge you extra money and you’ll not get the facility of currency exchange there.

Caution: A few nationals require the advance tourist Cambodia e visa. Nationals of the following countries will not get a visa on arrival facility:
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Nigeria and Iran.