Do I need a visa to go to Myanmar?

Yes, everyone requires a visa to enter Myanmar. A single entry tourist visa is valid for 28 days. However, today, applying for visa is easier, faster and hassle free especially when it comes to . Citizens of 100 countries are allowed to apply for e-visa through the website of Ministry of Immigration and Population of Myanmar. Check out the legitimate website to gather details and get latest information.


After you fill out the form for e-visa and pay the fee, it means your application is submitted. The application is then processed and you will receive an email for approval. You will have to take the print out and produce it to the passport office when you arrive at the airport or on designated land borders with Thailand, you will be stamped into the country.

E-Visas are valid on Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and Mandalay International airports. The three land borders with Thailand are Tachileik, Myawadi (Myawaddy) and Kawthoung (Kawthaung) and Myanmar land border crossings. You are allowed to exit Myanmar at any overland border crossing. However, if you exit to China and India, you will need a permit and permission for that.

For business visa, citizens from 50 countries are allowed to apply for e-visa. These are valid for 70 days and have a different fee amount. However, if you have to make a business trip, you will need a letter of invitation from any sponsoring company and proof of registration or business of your company.

Safe application

When applying for tourist visa it is safe to start the process at least one month from the date of your travel. The visa is valid for up to three months from the date of application. The process can take one week or more depending on various factors. So, if you want to enjoy your trip, it is advisable to start the application process with sufficient time in hand.

Extension of visa

There are situations when one need to extend his or her stay in Myanmar. If your extension is up to 14 days, you are not going to face any difficulty. There is a per day charge and registration fee that you will have to pay at airport or land border at the time of exiting the country. It is advisable to have the exact amount with you because receiving change there is difficult. Remember, if you have to overstay, stick to places having easy access to Yangon, for safer exit.