About the Author

Hi there. My name is Davie Rich, 29 years old. I am from the United States of America. I have an intricate set of hobbies that evolves around baking, swimming, sightseeing, reading and travelling. I believe life is an adventure on its own but I love to go beyond the surface and this is why I travel the world to see some some exotic and exciting monuments our ‘orb’ has to offer.

About the author

From the Gardens of Marqueyssac in France to the Litlanesfoss Falls in Iceland, Painted Mountains in China and many more adorable sites, I have uncovered some amazingly picturesque landscape that there are, to behold in a world filled with beauty.

My passion for travelling has thereby informed my purpose for putting this blog forward- to take you through a world of pleasure right from the pages of this blog. Though I’d that you make plans to visit and see things for yourself someday.

So, join me in this voyage and let us travel the world together.